Swim Lessons~ Private, Small Group/Team & Video Swim Analysis

“The water is your friend…you don’t have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.” – Alexandr Popov


Swim Lesson With Coach Neil Now Available at:
Terra Linda Community Pool in San Rafael
Hamilton Community Pool in Novato!

Terra Linda Community Pool, San Rafael
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Terra Linda Pool

Hamilton Community Pool, Novato
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Hamilton Pool

To schedule a private lesson(s) you can contact the above pools directly.
Please print, complete and submit the corresponding Lesson Request Form.
Online Lesson Bookings coming soon.

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Want to swim like a fish?  Wondering if you can?

We’ve been there. It’s hard. Swimming can be one of the most challenging aspects of multisports. For some it can seem very complex, and very intimidating. But at TRIMORE Fitness we excel at breaking swimming down into very easy to learn, easy to master pieces. Whether you are brand new to swimming, or a seasoned expert, in as short as one 30 minute session, you can see dramatic improvements in your swimming performance and ability.

The first step begins now

This 1:1 clinic is designed for recreational and fitness swimmers who want to learn essential swimming skills and proper technique, and for triathletes who want to improve their performance.

The ability to make stroke corrections depends on a good kinesthetic sense. Using an underwater video can greatly improve your awareness of your stroke, body position and, mechanics which will better swim efficiency and improve performance.

This personalized clinic includes:

  • Individualized stroke instruction
  • Enhanced technique and coordination
  • Improved balance, alignment, rotation and the reduction of drag
  • Teaching of drills to help common problems
  • Instruction on swimming specifically for triathlons
  • Personalized report, with video still shots, that highlights problem areas and delivers a TRIMORE Swimming Prescription to reform those areas

Swim Video Analysis performed by Neil Fraser, Head Coach/Owner TRIMORE Fitness, Master Swim Coach, and & Ironman Finisher.

Please email for more information: info@trimorefitness.com

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