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Foggy Goggles

Foggy Goggles

Goggles serve a specific purpose—to help you see in the water. It’s an important job—so much so that you may see a couple of paranoid triathletes or open water swimmers with a spare pair of goggles with them at the start line.  Even if your goggles stay firmly on your face, the ill-prepared may have […]

Adverse Effects Of Dehydration

Sweating is the way in which the body maintains its core temperature at 37 degrees centigrade. This results in the loss of body fluid and electrolytes (minerals such as chloride, calcium, phosphate, magnesium, sodium and potassium). Fatigue toward the end of a endurance events like triathlons may result as much from dehydration as from fuel […]

What makes Wildflower so special?

Source: Tri-California Events, Inc. | 33rd Annual Wildflower Triathlon 2015 | About Wildflower

Tips on using your HRM & GPS- Hill repeats

In the last few years more and more first time triathletes are using Heart Rate Monitors and GPS devices. These can be fantastic training tools, provide motivation and help track your progress. You can maximize your training time and get the best workout for you during your phase of training.  Additionally they can help reduce […]

Tips And Tricks

    Here are some things that we have learned along the way.  Some are practical, some may sound silly.  But at one time or another they have all been used! Feel free to share your tips with us!   Swim- Bring tinted and clear goggles to race day.  Now you are ready for sun […]

Single Arm Pull Drill

Single Arm Drill (SLD) The goal of single arm drills is to improve your freestyle swim stroke and increase distance per stroke. (DPS). By isolating each arm your can better focus on body position, reach and roll, catch-pull and follow through. An added benefit is this drill will teach you how to breathe on both […]

So you wanna be a Triathlete?

Fact: you will not become efficient at swimming, biking or running over night. Sorry to burst your bubble. This is NOT an easy sport. August 22, 2011 By clarkendurance   So you wanna be a Triathlete Check your ego at the door because chances are someone fifty pounds heavier than you will lap you in […]

RPE Chart

  Rating of Perceived Exertion The 10-Point Scale Borg’s rating of perceived exertion scale takes into account the exercisers own perceptions of their fatigue. On the revised version of the Borg scale, the perceived effort is assigned a rating between 1 and 10. On the 10-point Borg scale, participants should experience RPE anywhere from 4 […]

Swim Distances

Sprint Distance Triathlon Swim distances will vary. Usual distance will be ¼ mile or approximately 450 yards. International Distance Triathlon Swim distance will vary. Distance may range from ½ mile to 1.5k or 800-1700 yards. Olympic Distance Triathlon Swim distance is 1.5k or approximately 1650 yards. Half Iron Distance Triathlon Swim distance is 1.2 miles […]

Swim Drill- Closed Fist Drill

  Without even thinking about it, most of us rely on the palms of our hands to pull us through the water and propel us forward when swimming freestyle. And why not? It makes sense. For when we swim freestyle we use our arms and hands like the paddle of a canoe. When paddling a […]

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