Wet Suit – How to Take Care of


Congratulations! You’re the proud owner of the newest and best-designed tri wetsuit in the industry. It is made with high stretch neoprene. Here are some guidelines to help prolong the life of your suit.

Good Stuff:

1. Use caution and take your time putting on your suit. Tip: Put plastic grocery bags over your feet and ankles, it’ll help the suit slide up. Then you just pull them off over your feet. Pull the legs up a little at a time, and make certain that the legs are all the way up front and back.
2. Use Bodyglide around your neck if you are concerned about chafing. Rinse your suit with cool, fresh water after each usage and make sure all salt and dirt has been washed out of the zipper. To clean your suit, use specially formulated Wetsuit Shampoo; follow package directions for best results.
3. Hang inside out to dry on a thick plastic, not wire hanger.
4. Store in a cool, dry place inside out, lying flat, folded once across the waist.
5. For travel:
a. Lay suit flat, zipper side down.
b. Fold legs up over chest.
c. Cross arms in X over chest.
d. Fold up in half at knees.
7. Your wetsuit is an expensive and technical piece of training and racing equipment, and a little common sense will go a long way.
8. While using this or any other ZootSports product, remember to have fun, go fast, and encourage your friends to do the same.

Bad Stuff:

1. DON’T use petroleum jelly, cooking spray, tanning oil, or any kind of grease, oil, or solvents on your suit. They will cause irreparable damage. We have read lots of comments on websites, forums, and newsgroups advising the use of these substances. DON’T DO IT! The stuff ruins the suits, rots the glue, and makes it impossible to re-glue.
2. DON’T use your WetZoot for any sport or recreation other than swimming.
3. DON’T hang a wetsuit for more than a week. The thinner rubber in the shoulders will stretch and crack. For storage tip, see #5 of “Good Stuff.”
4. DON’T expose your suit to heat or direct sunlight. Both deteriorate the
neoprene and glue.
5. DON’T toss your suit in washing machine or dryer, and do not dry clean or iron.
6. DON’T yank or pinch your suit when putting it on. Fingernails, sharp objects, and friction are the enemies of neoprene. Also, don’t let it drag on the ground
or get caught in your bike wheel while you’re riding to the race. For small repairs, see “How to Repair Your Suit” in the next section.
7. DON’T sit, kneel, or squat in your suit for more than 5 minutes. Zoot’s neoprene is very flexible, but sitting and kneeling put extra stress on the seams and rubber.
8. DON’T try to shorten or alter your suit yourself. What seems like a good idea usually isn’t after you see the results. Call or email us for assistance with this.
9. DON’T leave your WetZoot crumpled wet in a bag or car trunk, it will mold and/or mildew. If your suit starts to smell bad, try “Mirazyme” mentioned in “Extra Products” at the end of this section.
10. DON”T try to squeeze yourself into a borrowed wetsuit or one that fit 25 lbs ago. Wetsuits don’t shrink, and are sometimes tighter after the off season.


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