Proof is on the Podium!

TRIMORE Fitness athletes use CompuTrainers to not only improve their bike, but to also give them a strong run.  Many times we see our clients that attend our RST Classes regularly end up with a similar bike split from previous years.  The major difference being they are dramatically more efficient on the bike.  They end up using less energy to ride the same distance which then gives them fresher legs for the run.

Wildflower Long Course 2011

First year pro Jesse Thomas shocked the men’s field by winning the Wildflower triathlon, one of the most hotly contested races in the sport.  Jesse had been training for over a year on CompuTrainer

“I used the CompuTrainer like crazy and saw significant improvement in power output which I would not have seen otherwise.  It’s been great.”   His improved cycling coupled with his tremendous running led to his surprise victory.

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