How to buy your first bike?

Top “Three” questions I get asked:

• Should I get a road or tri bike?
• Were should I buy my bike?
• What is the difference between carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium and steel?

We have come up with a sure way for you to find the right bike!

Plan on going to Three different bike shops, talk to Three different sales people and test ride Three different bikes at each shop.

Tell the sales person what you are plan on doing. Training, racing, hills, commuting to work etc. ALSO tell them you are here to learn about different bikes BEFORE you buy. This takes the pressure off having to buy “today”. Then the salesperson understands that they need to earn you trust so you will come back and buy from them.

The “Three” rule will help you understanding of what makes one bike shop better than another. Learn about the different levels of components- “shifters, brake levers and derailleur” With test riding Three bikes you will get a feel for the difference between steel, aluminum and carbon fiber frames. Most importantly find out how much bikes cost. Expensive bikes are nice but ultimately it is up to you the rider to pedal it up the hill! Training and experience pays off.

Another important part of the “Three” systems is trust. Trust in the sales person and the shop. Inquire about warranty’s and service plans they offer.

• Start at a bike shop someone recommended.
• Other things to look at: what the charge for a tune up, what is included with the purchase of the bike, discounts on accessories like helmet, shoes and clothing.
• Location of the shop you ultimately buy from. Nothing worse than getting a great deal on a bike then having to pay a fortune maintaining it.
• Used may be cheaper, also may cost you more in the end. Don’t buy someone else’s problems! New bikes have a warranty!
• Wear a helmet during test rides!

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